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  • Tell Us Why You’re Queering The Vote!

    There is so much at stake for so many people this November. That’s why it is critical for LGBTQ people to get out and Queer the Vote on or before November 6th!

    We want to know what this election means to you and for you!

    What is motivating you to vote in this election?
    What is motivating you to volunteer with a local campaign?
    What is at stake for you and the people you love?
    Do you have a personal story related to immigration, reproductive justice, discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, transgender rights, or restoration of voting rights?

    Share Your Voting Story
  • Pledge to Vote Yes on 3 in Massachusetts

    This November, dignity and respect for the transgender people of Massachusetts are on the ballot. Pledge now to help make Massachusetts the first state in the country to uphold transgender equality at the ballot box.

    Pledge to Vote Yes on 3 in Massachusetts