Stop Anti-Trans Bills In Texas

Beginning Tuesday, July 18, the Texas Legislature will begin a special session of hate prompted by their Republican governor that will focus on 3 anti-trans bills: HB 46, HB 50 and SB6.

HB 46, similar to North Carolina’s HB2, would prevent cities/municipalities from adding classes to nondiscrimination laws that aren’t already protected under state or federal law—including gender identity and sexual orientation. Under HB 50, school boards would be prohibited from enforcing policies that recognize transgender students’ gender identities. The Senate’s SB6 specifies that Texas legal protections only apply to the sex on a person’s birth certificate  thus preventing transgender people from being protected by them! In addition, they will be considering legislation to attack Planned Parenthood and unions, and slash voting rights.

Tell your lawmakers that these bills are not acceptable and you do not want your tax payer dollars being used to fund bigotry and discrimination.

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