Write Congress Now and Tell Them to Oppose the Republican Tax Plan

There is still time to contact your Congressional Representatives and tell them to vote no on the #TrumpTaxScam. The bill is getting edited. Now is the time for your representatives to hear from you.

The Republican tax reform bill would give breaks to the rich and big business and hurt low-income people. It would repeal deductions that help teachers, people with student loans, and people with high medical expenses. It would also force people with multiple children to pay tax on more of their income. By repealing the Affordable Care Act individual mandate, it would also lead to 13 million people becoming uninsured.

LGBTQ tax payers, especially LGBTQ people of color, transgender people, LGBTQ women, and LGBTQ people with disabilities – who are all more likely to have lower incomes – will be hurt by this bill.

If all of this wasn’t enough bad news, this bill would repeal the separation of church and state in political campaigns known as the Johnson Amendment. This would widen the floodgates for more dark money and broaden the political influence of the church on candidates.

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