National LGBTQ Task Force, Equality Texas, and Equality Florida are joining forces to
make national, Texas and Florida-based ad buys that highlight extremist attacks against
our communities and our freedoms. As the nation reels from the overturning of Roe v.
Wade, anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and calls to roll back LGBTQ rights have grown bolder
among extremist elected officials and candidates.

“Our community is paying attention to the extremism of politicians who would take away
our freedoms and the freedoms of other marginalized and vulnerable communities. We
will hold accountable any elected official willing to destroy the civil rights advancements
that have put LGBTQ people closer to not just equality, but equity.” Kierra Johnson,
Executive Director of The National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund

The ads are adapted with permission from an innovative ad campaign developed by Wide Angle
Research which spans abortion, LGBTQ equality and democracy issues–and invites voters to
fight extremism and fight for our freedoms.