To create an equitable society for all LGBTQ people, we need to amplify the narrative that people of faith are not our enemy – those who use religion to oppose equity are. The majority of people of faith in this nation affirm the need for equity for all LGBTQ people.

To reflect this new reality, the Institute for Welcoming Resources provides tools and support as a means of re-shaping the faith narrative in the media as well as in faith and political spaces.

Leading Faith Communities

We also do this by raising up the work and words of queer and transgender faith leaders to highlight that LGBTQ people are and have always been leading and shaping faith communities.

Strategically, if opponents of equity-for-all are stripped of their excessive and misguided moral and political influence in this nation, LGBTQ advocates and allies will be more successful in passing legislation and policies that ensure equity.

Our Legislative Priority

The Do No Harm Act states that Religious Freedom Restoration Acts, local or national, should not be interpreted to authorize any exemptions that imposes the religious views, habits, or practices of one party upon another. Those laws include protections for civil rights, healthcare, child labor laws and more.