Queer the Vote 2022

Queer the Vote coaches LGBTQ+ leaders towards growth, building grassroots people power, and creating the conditions to deliver concrete wins for LGBTQ+ people. We offer training and partnerships in key states that identify, empower, and train a cohort of field leaders for Queer the Vote organizing efforts. Together, we’ll inspire our communities to the polls!

The National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund’s Queer the Vote campaign is mobilizing LGBTQ+ people and allies to the polls for the midterms — starting with the Florida primary election on Tuesday, Aug. 23rd!

What’s At Stake

Right-wing zealots are advancing a swarm of laws with devastating effects on LGBTQ students’ experience in school curricula, banning trans student athletes from playing sports and stripping parents of the right to help their children obtain appropriate gender-affirming care. They work to ban books with positive images of LGBTQ+ people and families. They strive to undermine voting rights and limit access to the ballot box. And yes, they work to take away our fundamental rights to bodily autonomy and access to abortion care. This must change!