Eddy Morales is Director of the Latino Engagement Fund, a collaborative effort between over 60 individual philanthropists, progressive institutions, and foundations of all sizes to drive resources and strategies that build strong progressive Latino organizations with powerful leaders and a sophisticated base working to make concrete improvements in people’s lives.

Since becoming the Fund’s inaugural Director in 2012, Eddy is now also working with Democracy Alliance Partners to develop strategies for the broader New American Majority and to ensure our democracy, economy, and leaders work for, represent, and reflect the New Majority.

Eddy brings more than a decade of senior leadership experience to the Fund and the DA, most recently as Deputy Director of Voto Latino, where he increased the annual operating budget and oversaw strategy and day-to-day operations. Previously, Eddy served as Deputy Director of Leadership Development at the Center for Community Change where he launched a leadership development program to recruit and nurture low-income community organizers of color into community based organizations.

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