Washington, DC, March 24, 2016 — Late last night North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed HB2 into law. The new draconian law removes vital anti-discrimination protections from LGBTQ people and other groups such as veterans.

“LGBTQ North Carolinians are waking-up to find that they are the targets of a new law designed to deny them basic protections. It’s outrageous and immoral. Sadly the new law will deeply impact the economy, potentially federal funding and the reputation of North Carolina. The new law supersedes minimum wage and paid leave ordinances passed at the local level. It explicitly targets the transgender community in ways that impacts the most vulnerable such as transgender children and something as basic to human life as going to the restroom. This law is expansive and damaging to many beyond the LGBTQ community. The public will also be shocked at the fact that veterans — who have put their lives on the line — are now going to have vital protections removed from them through this law. It says a lot when the only thing certain politicians have to offer in the market place of ideas in the run-up to the general election are policies and laws based on hatred. The North Carolina state motto is ‘To be, rather than to seem.’ I urge all LGBTQ North Carolinian to be themselves, to be fully out and proud, ‘be you’ regardless of this ridiculous and spiteful law. Know that all LGBTQ people and our allies across the nation are with you. Know that freedom, justice and equality in your state has only been delayed but it will not be denied,” Rea Carey, Executive Director, National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund.

Jorge Amaro
Media and Public Relations Director