(Detroit, MI, January, 25) – Today, the National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund announced its legislative priorities for 2019 while Executive Director Rea Carey and Deputy Executive Director Kierra Johnson gave the annual State of the Movement at the 31st Creating Change Conference. The Task Force Action Fund’s legislative agenda is based on the principles of making the United States a more equitable country for all the intersecting identities of the LGBTQ communities. During the State of the Movement speech, Johnson made the Action Fund’s commitment to their legislative priorities clear, telling the crowd, “For elected officials who stand before the American people and choose to ignore the voices of women, the voices of people of color, the voices of LGBTQ people, we are watching you.”

The Action Fund will be supporting the Equality Act and a range of progressive issues. The full list of priorities is listed here: TF_116-Congress-Agenda6-F



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Media and PR Director
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