Today marks the official start of the 2020 primary season. Voters across Iowa, including thousands of LGBTQ voters, will caucus in the first contest that will determine the Democratic Party’s nominee. Over the coming months w the National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund will be rolling out resources to help LGBTQ voters make the best decisions regarding their candidate as a part of our iconic “Queer the Vote” campaign. For Iowans weighing the best candidate for them today, we hope you will use our Issue Guide as a north star in making your decision.

LGBTQ voters cannot afford to be single issue voters as there are many social policies that impact all of who we are and represent in the world. As a Black, Bisexual, woman, mother and person of faith, I and many other LGBTQ people in this country have never had more at stake than this election season.

May the Task Force be with you! (Or The Task Force is with you)

Stacey Long Simmons
Advocacy and Action Department Director
National LGBTQ Task Force

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