“Equity is […] just and fair inclusion into a society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential… Equality gives everyone the right to ride on the bus, in any seat they choose. Equity ensures there are bus lines where people need them so they can get to school or the doctor or work.”

Angela Glover Blackwell

In order to pass progressive policies that ensure equity, we must make sure that our community is visible and that LGBTQ people are centered by all progressive movements. LGBTQ people are a part of every community and culture, yet we have unique needs caused by interlocking manifestations of oppression.

LGBTQ people are both differently and disproportionately impacted by systems of oppression. We need solutions that have us in mind and center the most marginalized among us, including:

  • Immigration
  • Reproductive Health
  • Rights and Justice
  • The Criminal Legal System
  • Economic Justice
  • Disability Justice

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All of Me. All the Time.

“All of Me. All the Time.” is a moral campaign that seeks to strengthen and expand existing civil rights protections to ensure all of who we are is protected all of the time.

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